About Us

My name is Joey Causey. Along with my wife Joanne and my daughter Bettyann, we are the owners of the Tailgate Tablecloth. Inventing useful products that solve real problems has been a passion of mine for years. This is the third product I have developed and I believe it is the best one yet.

We have always spent our family vacations camping and racing. While my wife was working on the sewing for another product, she ended up solving a big problem that we always had while camping.  Just like everyone else, we would purchase cheap plastic tablecloths only to endlessly fight with them trying to keep the the wind from blowing them away. We resorted to bungee cords, clips, duct tape, and every other solution we could think of.  Lets be honest there was never any perfect solution.

Soon after we invented the Tailgate Tablecloth we lost our son in an automobile accident.  He was only sixteen. Being grief stricken we struggled to push through and over the years perfected the tailgate tablecloth to make it better and easy to use. We hope you will try one at you next outdoor event!